phpmyadmin not found? *update*

CentOS 5.3 setting up a LAMP stack.

After setting up PHP, I wanted to setup phpmyadmin so I was at a root prompt and typed:

yum install phpmyadmin

..and I get a message that says package not found.

Did I miss a step somewhere? I did a search for phpmyadmin but people were using apt-get to install it because of their different flavor of linux.

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A quick google brings up lots of answers.

Here's one: … 52-server/">

//no clue if it works - I don't use phpmyadmin - if you need a GUI for MYSQL (and only knows why) use HeidiSQL (thru a SSH tunnel)//

I checked out that link and it was exactly what I needed. Thanks for the help.


I decided to start over with an Ubuntu 9.10 StackScript LAMP setup. I followed all the proper steps for installing myphpadmin from the library documentation.

When I go to:

I get a Page Not Found. This was repeated on different browsers on different machine.

Under /srv/www/, I have the linode IP address under allow. Block everyone else.

I have the opencert installed for SSL and SSL enabled under the /etc/phpmyadmin/ file. I'm not sure where else to check for troubleshooting.

Any advice?


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