Anyone tried recent paravirt kernels in ye olde Debian 5?

Well, as in topic… and if so do they "just work", or are they way too fresh and conflict with the binaries from the distro? Seems I need an option that's not available in the old, that's why I ask.

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I deployed Debian 5 (Lenny) with the latest paravirt kernel a few weeks ago, and I didn't notice anything wrong. In fact, if I remember correctly, the distribution wizard automatically selected the latest paravirt kernel.

I deployed Debian 5 32bit with the latest paravirt kernel (2.6.34) a few days ago and everything works fine.

The same here - Lenny 32bit, the latest (week ago) paravirt 32bit kernel, and it is OK.

I've been running 32-bit since day one (over a year ago) and switched to Paravirt 2.6.34 months ago, heck probably close to 6 months ago now, no problems at all.

And it seems that everything's working fine for me too, including the feature I needed the upgrade for.

Thanks a lot!

Btw, anything else I should do besides installing ntpd and learning that my CPU times don't sum up to 400% anymore because of the stolen time?


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