Drupal Migration Gone Bad....

Hey everyone…I'm still getting my head around LAMP and Drupal.

I had a Drupal 6.19 site on an Ubuntu 8.04 distro and decided to move to Debian. So I purchased a new Linode, setup Debian 5, MySQL, Apache2, PHP 5.2.x.

Then did the following:

1) Created a new database

2) Installed Drupal 6.19

3) Used Backup and Migrate on the old site

4) Copied over my sites folder

5) Imported the old database

Everything seemed fine at first, but then there was this huge security hole with Image Cache. I could be signed in as a user with limited rights, click on a link on the site and Drupal would log me out as that user and log me in as admin!!!!! I kid you not. I went to a computer and browser that had never logged into this Drupal site, and it did the same thing.

My developer and I scratched our heads….when he disabled the Image Cache module the problem went away, but then other weird "Access Denied" messages started popping up even when logged in as admin.

So we've toasted the installation and completely started over from scratch. But this has been a nightmare. I can't believe it is this complicated to move from one Drupal 6.19 install to another.

I must be doing something wrong.

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Does seem like a weird problem. The way I would trouble shoot this problem is setup the site locally on your computer and try and replicate the issue.

Another thing you can do is setup another fresh version of Drupal on the server with imagecache and see if you have the same problem.

Lastly check out the hacked(http://drupal.org/project/hacked) module. It runs a compare/diff on your contributed modules to see if any have been hacked.


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