Thanks Linode

thanks for the development.

The new linode manager is great new change.

Also thanks for the dealing with the Fremont Power outage.

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Seriously, the Linode crew did an excellent job with restoring services from the power outage. I've been there, done it, got the t-shirt. Thank you guys (and gals)!

One comment if I may.

My experience with UPS technology has been very unfavorable. The UPS systems caused more outages than they prevented (not to mention the battery maintenance). I eventually convinced my company to switch to a continuous power system (CPS). It wasn't flawless, but it finally allowed my IS group to achieve "four nines" in availability.

By way of background, I managed a very large data center (over 5000 computers and all of the associated routers, switches, and so on) for about 11 years (of course with the help of an outstanding team of system administrators and technicians who worked tirelessly to help me).

My suggestion to Linode would be to look for a colo that utilizes CPS technology. You'll be happy you did. It was one of the best decisions I ever made.


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