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I was wondering how I can set up dns so that my mail servers are ? Is there somethign I have to configure in my DNS records for MX and is there additional settings I need to do on my linode?

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The two aren't really related, but…

Set up as an A record pointing to your IP that runs sendmail.

You don't need an MX record in your DNS, but it is a good idea. Point the MX record to the FQDN of the machine that spools mail for your domains. It doesn't have to be "" -- it can be "" or "" if you've got an A record for "'…


so im guessing once i created a new A record i have to wait a few hours till its updated?

One trick not to wait, is – set the DNS servers of your Linux box and home machine to use the DNS servers of your domain. That way, you don't have to wait! :-)


oh neat idea.. hmm, only if i could find out the domain servers of namecheap.

EDIT: nm i found it.. its in the whois db.


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