Problem with /admin path on Apache

OK, so I have hosted on my server, and it is the ServerName in httpd.conf

I also have hosted on my server as a virtual host.

Both of these work fine. Here's where it gets tricky - both of the packages use a /admin in the address to access the admin panel. When I try to go to, I wind up at the instead. I'm at a loss to explain it, as the admin directory for anothersite is in the anothersite directory as it should be.

Am I just missing something blatantly obvious? And yes, I know I could rename things, but I would rather figure out why it doesn't work as expected than hack it so that it does work.

update: if I do change the admin folder for anothersite, I get a directory not found error with apache trying to stick /admin2 onto

Resolved: Friggin' missing ServerName… grumble grumble

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