[fixed] Postfix/Dovecot/MySQL - Setup "catchall" m


I've got Postfix/Dovecot servers all setup and working with MySQL for virtual domains and users, however, I'm stuck when it comes to setting up a catchall mailbox. I specifically need it setting up as a mailbox and not a forwarder either, if that makes a difference.

Has anybody managed to get this working when using MySQL? If so, would you please be able to share what I need to do.



I'm aware that "catchall" addresses are likely to increase the amount of spam that comes through but I don't have a choice in the matter; I need to do it on behalf of someone.

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Did you try using the 'forwardings' table, with '@mydomain.tld' as the source and your destination address as the destination, as was suggested in the IRC channel?

I have just tested this with my Postfix MySQL installation and it works fine.

EDIT: Just saw the part of your post that specifically states you don't want to use forwarding, so I'm a little confused as to what you want.

You want to catch all incoming mail for a domain, and have this mail land in a particular inbox, right?


Yeah sorry what I meant was I don't want the catchall messages to be forwarded to another external domain/account. I wanted the ability to log in via POP/IMAP to view the catchall messages.

I lost the IRC chat window yesterday so didn't catch all of the replies - I know I should have re-asked, my bad.

I got it sorted in the end - you need to setup a "Forwarder" that catches any unrouted mail. For my case I then created a mailbox user for those messages on that domain:

@domain.tld > catchall@domain.tld

You cannot simply create a mailbox user with:


It seems to only work if you create a redirect for the catchall messages then forward them to a mailbox on that domain - or an external email address.

Thanks for the reply Daniel, it is appreciated.

My apologies if that wasn't made clear, but yeah, @domain.tld is the source, you don't need to create a mail user for this - it is simply a value in the source column of the forwardings table.


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