I've been with Linode for awhile...

I'm not a "looking through rose colored glasses" person as I've been with Linode for awhile now. This company rocks. I have four Linodes that are supporting my life!

Linode support answers fast at any time of the day or night.

Linode documentation ROCKS.

I can't recommend this company enough. I'm an ex IT admin, a website designer and now a film editor, and I base my existence on Linode. Thanks guys and gals.

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I agree. Linode is one of the best companies I've EVER dealt with. A+ in all areas. I normally hate to make such statements lest it go to their heads, but Linode is just straight up fantastic. I would recommend them to anyone.

I've been with Linode for about two years and don't even have a single minor irritation with them.

PS I hate fanboys but make an exception here. Perhaps I am a fanboy convert.

I've been with them since October 2010 and have not needed to contact support once. Pretty good from my perspective, especially since this is my first time using an unmanaged host.


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