ddns with Linode DNS Manager

I am considering to move dns hosting to Linode. I know there is some restriction on the ip address a.b.c.d in the records, but that using MX records for gmail is allowed.

Can I have a subdomain that I dynamically update with my home dynamic ip, using a shared key.

1. My ISP decides to change my ip to

2. My box at home detects the change and updates linode DNS manager with:

home.mydomain.com A

where is a non-Linode IP address.

is that allowed and possible?

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You can point your domain recoreds at whatever you want, as for the automation the linode api would be ideal for that http://www.linode.com/api/index.cfm/

someone posted a shell script in here a while back for doing that via the api. I recently lost it and haven't done a search to find it yet.

edit: got unlazy!


I don't suppose anyone has the new post-forum link?


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