Xen in mainline

Just curious if Xen being in the mainline kernel will have any impact here at Linode, either technical or otherwise.

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I can almost guarantee it will have absolutely no noticeable effect on production Linodes. :-)

Getting the dom0 stuff fully merged is a good thing, but if you recall the domU merge in ~2.6.24, it took until .27 or .28 for it to become usable, and arguably until .32 for it to become stable. I know that Linode has been testing this code for a long while now, but it has not yet survived to production.

With many more eyes looking at the code, I would expect the bugs to be worked out and enough testing will be performed to deem it production-ready within a year or so. At that point, Linode can slowly start introducing it into production.

(By "slowly", I mean "over a span of years"… except in Fremont, where upgrades can simply be applied the next time the power goes out.)


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