Question about Linode Backup Service - how on-site is it?

Linode's backup service is listed as being "on-site" in the documentation… how on-site are we talking? Are the backups on the same piece of hardware? Same datacenter?

I ask this question mainly because of this: … inia-raid/">

While the incident had nothing to do with Linode, it does bring up a question about what happens if the unthinkable happens here, and one of our "neighbors" on a particular machine were to bring themselves unwanted attention like this, causing a similarly "heavy-handed" response.

So the natural inclination would be, this is a great case for having Linode backups. But, how far removed are the backups from the machine hosting a particular VPS?

Just wondering.

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Same data centre different host.

My advise use Linode backups and off site backups. Linode backups are faster to restore, off site are useful should the data centre get toasted.

I use linode backups + crashplan. You can connect to crashplan headless over ssh by following some online docs they have.

Though I'm a backup nazi,

Crashplan looks terrific, but I'm not clear how it functions as a server product. It seems desktop orientated.

Would be awesome if Linode would offer to copy my existing managed backups off site for me on a regular basis - perhaps charging extra for bandwidth and space.

Regarding crashplan: … ess_client">

I use it for home and my business, but haven't gone through the trouble yet to set it up for my VPS at Linode.

They do have a business/enterprise focused product:

However, that can get expensive.


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