404 Not Found but linode is up?


I wanted to access one of my web servers on my linode and … it was taking looooong long time and then I got 404 Not Found from Apache Server.

So I connected to my Linode Dashboad and everything looked ok to me. I tried to refresh the page later on and got it right.

Strange, isn't it. I don't have apache on my Linode installed.

Could it be my ISP's gateway or cache or something?

Thank you


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odd, it's working for me


odd, it's working for me

Everything is working now. But I wonder about the 404 message. I don't have apache on my Linode. I connect to the Inet via my mobile if it matters….

I'd say your ISP intercepted your error, I was on comcast a while back and they did that with any domain it couldn't resolve, made using the .local domain for development a pain, I switched to google dns.


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