Number of sites on a linode 64

Wondering how many dynamic sites can be effectively hosted on a linode 64 plan using mysql?

I know this varies greatly on users of the site and size of database.

But lets assume the sites avg 200 users/daily and bandwidht is 17 mgs/daily.


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It can be difficult in the extreme to determine how many visitors or websites a specific plan could support. This is due to the sheer number of variables which have a significant effect. For example, a static website requires much fewer resources than an interactive, database driven, one. This means that many more visitors could concurrently browse to the static website than the more intensive one with the same amount of resources. The good news, is that if you ever need to resize your Linode, up or down in plans, you can do so from the Linode Manager. You can find detailed instructions in our helpful support article

I'm gonna guess they've probably figured that out by now.


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