Apache Logrotate Question

I'm trying to set up logrotate now. I have some questions.

First, should I pipe the logfile through logrotate, like this (in sites-enabled)

CustomLog "|bin/rotatelogs /srv/www/realfreemarket.org/logs/access.log 86400

_Or, should I explicitly call logrotate as a cron job?

Also, I'd like to keep my logs in the form access.YYYY.MM.DD.log, and keep them for at least a month or two. How do I do that?_

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It's silly to answer my own question, but I figured it out. I changed it to:

CustomLog "|/usr/sbin/rotatelogs -l /srv/www/realfreemarket.org/logs/access

.%Y.%m.%d.log 86400" combined

ubuntu puts "rotatelogs" in "/usr/sbin" instead of "/bin".

It is not so silly as it may seem, you answer helped me! Thanks!


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