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We're a mid-size company in the Boston area. We have been using Linode on a project for exactly one year now, and we are extremely happy with Linode, so much so that I have personally recommended Linode to several other companies and individuals.

However, there is one issue that I am very unhappy and disappointed about. Both in late January and in late February I submitted two support tickets asking when Linode would support CentOS 6.2 and Fedora 16. I have gotten vague responses, and in one reply in February the person said "Fedora 16 is getting a final testing pass but should most likely be available this week." It's been a month now, and there's still no sign of Fedora 16 support. If you look back, Fedora 15 and openSUSE 11.4 were available literally within days of their releases. Why is Linode taking so long to support CentOS 6.2 and Fedora 16? Consider that the most recent post to the "Distros" category on the Linode blog was made on October 14, 2011. (

Linode prides itself on being open and transparent. Customers want and expect Linode to be open and transparent. Customers like us need to know about Linode's support plans for distros to plan engineering projects. Linode needs to do a better job communicating their roadmap for supported Linux distributions to customers.

A response from someone of authority and "in the know" at Linode would really be appreciated.

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Not sure about Fedora, but as for CentOS, you just build a Linode with the 6.0 image, log in, and run "yum update". That should get you to 6.2.

Thanks, I didn't realize that would work. Linode already supports CentOS 6.0, so if I install that and do a "yum update", then I can get to 6.2? Can someone confirm this?

If it doesn't work do:

yum clean all

yum update ( I believe you can also use yum upgrade but I don't think that is necessary).



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