I've been seeing some odd problems between instances recently that look exactly like local network outages. They are short lived (several seconds), but enough to trip heartbeat and mmm.

With heartbeat I had two nodes suddenly fail to be able to talk to each other, and when they tried to send email alerts to tell me about it, their DNS lookups failed.

So I have 5 servers reporting multiple local network failures at exactly the same time (2012/06/25 10:14 UTC), which suggests it's not individual nodes that are failing but the network they have in common.

Any idea what's up?

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I'd contact support on that one they can let you know if there's been any network weirdness.

There does seem to be network weirdness in Newark.

I made a support ticket, hopefully the issue will be resolved soon.

one of my servers is completely down right now… over the past week I have received many tickets about the server being restarted. I opened a support ticket and they didn't tell me much… just to wait.

This whole 250k giveaway bullshit is probably the cause, they probably overloaded their network with the new servers they added. I am extremely disappointed.

http://status.linode.com/2012/06/newark … -2012.html">http://status.linode.com/2012/06/newark-connectivity-issue-june-26-2012.html

Issues can happen anywhere and at anytime. If you need to be up 24/7, you need many servers in many different physical locations

but it's not just anywhere at anytime, there have been issues for 5 days which have ultimately lead to my server being completely down

I have been having repeated problems with linodes in the Newark data center, all starting at the time of the big birthday giveaway. Beginning to get worried that they oversold their network.

Hey guys,

The network is not oversold.

We've had repeated problems with newark490, newark491, and newark492 the past few days. Those three machines are being evacuated to known good hardware as I type this.

The network issues affecting some Newark segments last night were unrelated and was caused by a briefly misconfigured device, which caused some residual trouble.

Rest assured we're working on taking care of everything, as we always do – but problems do happen and we do our best to correct them and prevent them from recurring.


I was on 490 and this morning I was migrated to a new server.

Thanks for letting us know caker

I believe I am on 461 (I think that's what this means, newark461.linode.com), anyway, I notice that my graphs (my linode is li459-175) have a ~2hr break in them last night around mid-night. I that related to this?


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