SSH PUTTY Connection problem

Hi guys,

I paid a guy to set up my server for me. I now wish to learn how to do a few things such as setting the time and date, updating litespeed and also updating wordpress and plugins.

Ive got PUTTY installed on my pc. when I run it and put in the ip address it says "Network Error, Connection Refused"

Ive been using the irc chat for support. The guys there say it may be related to how the server was set up.

Can anyone advise on if Im doing things right ? and perhaps some suggestions on how I can get ssh access ?

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It may be a worthwhile decision to contact the person who set up the instance to get their configuration nodes. Sounds like he moved SSH off of port 22, which isn't a helpful thing to do. You can bypass SSH access by using Lish:

  • … node-shell">


Thanks Tim, Yes he has told me he moved it to another port. I now have the details to get in. Will try again once I have enough spare time.


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