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Linode graphs show that some IPv6 traffic is happening on my web server on my Linode. I have no experience of IPv6 and haven't specifically set it up… is this something I should be disabling, perhaps in my network scripts to turn off IPv6 auto configuration?

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That's just regular IPv6 background traffic (router advertisements, neighbor solicitations). You should not be disabling IPv6, and should be learning about it so that your products/services will also allow people to access them over IPv6. Not learning about IPv6 now could lead to problems in the future, especially as IPv6 usage is steadily increasing and the availability of IPv4 addresses is rapidly decreasing to zero.


Hi Tim

Thanks for your reply. I'll read up on it.

The traffic seems quite high for just background traffic:


That's definitely not background traffic. I'd suggest running tcpdump if it happens again to see what it may be.

It was API traffic to Facebook via IPv6. Facebook are smart.

I used the command:

tcpdump ip6


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