File Descriptor Limit?

I thought I read somewhere that each linode is limited to 1024 descriptors. But I noticed I went above to 1079 or so. So I guess this isn't true?

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You might have read it here:

But, the FAQ is incorrect. The correct technical answer is provided from this thread:


On the host, each Linode uses two file descriptors for the console, one to /dev/null, one for each disk image, and one for each memory map the UML kernel opens.

I've observed Linodes consuming an average of 20-30 file descriptors on the host. There is a limit placed on each Linode on the host itself, but it is an insanely high value that's only there as a break for run-away Linodes (or other evil-doers).

Inside your Linode, you are free to use as many file descriptors as your UML kernel can handle (or /proc/sys/fs/file-max), which has a compiled in max of 1048576 open fd.

I'll get the FAQ updated, thanks!



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