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So this morning I migrated my server to take advantage of the ram upgrade. All went well and the sites were really flying thereafter. However, a couple of hours later the server freezes completely. No sites, no ssh access. Rebooting got everything back up and running but this is a bit scary. Has anyone else seen this? Am I likely to experience this again? Is my old disk image still there? I should add that my install is Debian Lenny but presumably that should work the same post migration??

Thanks for any feedback.


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I contacted Linode support about this and received a very quick reply to the effect that there is a known interaction between newer hosts and older kernels. I was advised to modify my configuration profile to use the latest 3.x kernel and then reboot. This was easily accomplished via Linode manager and the system came back up very quickly after rebooting. I'll post back here if I experience any more issues of this nature.

My server has run without a problem since the configuration profile update. I have now had the same issue on a second linode and have applied the same fix with the same positive outcome.


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