NSD as Master for Linode on cPanel server

I'm finding very little on this so if I figure it out, I'll write a tutorial for the next person. I have a cPanel install on Centos 6.x on a VPS. I'm trying to accomplish the Master/Slave setup explained here:

~~[https://library.linode.com/web-applications/control-panels/cpanel/dns-on-cpanel" target="_blank">](https://library.linode.com/web-applicat … -on-cpanel">https://library.linode.com/web-applications/control-panels/cpanel/dns-on-cpanel](

only with NSD instead of BIND. The only post on point I found was this one:

~~[https://forum.linode.com/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=5403&hilit=+nsd" target="_blank">](https://forum.linode.com/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=5403&hilit=+nsd](

However, while I think I can figure out the syntax, the nsd.conf file on my cPanel VPS notes that:

> # Automatically Generated by Cpanel::NameServer::Conf::NSD version 2.0

Manual changes to zone setting may be lost if conf is regenerated

So what I'm asking is first, does anyone have a setup running successfully with the NSD running as master to Linode's DNS as described for BIND in the tutorial above, and second, can you explain how to do it?

Any help is greatly appreciated. If I've missed some tutorial somewhere, I'm sorry.

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I used NSD3 as a hidden master and maintain my files by hand and revision control them using git.

I've never tried this with cPanel, so you may want to review any cPanel documentation for configuring your zone to send notifies to specific servers.



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