Introducing chube: Object-oriented bindings for Linode API

I've been scripting with the Linode API a lot for my employer Exosite, and although tjfontaine's linode-python package does a great job of transliterating the API spec into Python territory, I've been longing for the object-orientedness of something like Fog. That's why I wrote


It adds an abstraction layer on top of tjfontaine's bindings, and also gives you a nifty little command-line app called that lets you mess with the API objects in a Python interpreter.

I think the best way to show you how it works is with an example session:

you@localhost:~$ chuber
Python 2.7.2 (default, Oct 11 2012, 20:14:37)
[<linode api_id="13971," label="foo-01">, <linode api_id="20401," label="bar-04">, <linode api_id="13972," label="foo-02">]
>>> nodes ='foo-')
[<linode api_id="13971," label="foo-01">, <linode api_id="13972," label="foo-02">]
>>> for node in nodes:
...     print node.ipaddresses[0].address
>>> plan = Plan.find(label="Linode 1024")
>>> plan
 <plan label="Linode 1024">>>> datacenter = Datacenter.find(location_begins="dallas")
>>> datacenter
 <datacenter location="Dallas, TX, USA">>>>
>>> new_node = Linode.create(plan=plan, datacenter=datacenter, payment_term=1)
>>> new_node
 <linode api_id="345768," label="linode345768">>>> new_node.label = "web-14"
>>> Linode.find(label="web-14")
 <linode api_id="345768," label="web-14">>>>
>>> distro = Distribution.find(label="Debian 7")
>>> disk = new_node.create_disk(distribution=distro, label="foo_disk", size=2000, root_pass="secret123")
>>> new_node.pending_jobs
[<job api_id="12310126," label="Disk Create From Distribution - Debian 7">, <job api_id="12310127," label="Linode Initial Configuration">]
>>> new_node.pending_jobs[0].wait()
>>> job = new_node.boot()
>>> job.wait()
>>> new_node.destroy()</job></job></linode></linode></datacenter></plan></linode></linode></linode></linode></linode>

You can install it with

pip install chube

And there's a to-do list.

Play around with it, let me know what you think, and fork the crap out of it!

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Always happy to see people working with the library, and fwiw I did a rudimentary OOP interface … ode/">

and briefly "documented" at

This thing now supports all the Linode and Stackscript functionality of the API. Next stop: DNS.

Also, I beefed up the docs:


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