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We moved several months ago away from GoDaddy shared hosting, which is terrible. The experience here so far has been exceptional, especially with the increase in resources. The increase in server space from 24GB to around 50GB was very good and will be very useful. The set up and guides here make getting started and configuring the server very easy. From shared hosting, in particular GoDaddy shared hosting, the benefit is enormous. You can set up things however you want without arbitrary limits such as the number and size of MySQL databases; GoDaddy requires you to buy more expensive hosting plans to have more or unlimited databases, and even then, they have a 1GB limit, which is basically useless for MediaWiki. The price and resources offered has been outstanding. This is a service that I can recommend to anyone. Not all of our websites have been set up again, but most of our main sites have been transferred.

Here's a list of websites:

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