Blocking an email address in Postfix

I want to block an email address in Postfix, from

I've found on Google that I should use checksenderaccess. The question is, where should I put it?

It seems I can put it in either smtpdrecipientrestrictions or smtpdsenderrestrictions. Which should I use and why, and what's the difference?

A common theme throughout the internet seems to be putting all the settings into smtpdrecipientrestrictions and skipping smtpdsenderrestrictions, even if the setting was specified under the smtpdsenderrestrictions in the Postfix docs. Why do people do this?

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The difference is the stage in the SMTP transaction the restriction is applied. See this article for some explanation.

There's really no significant disadvantage to using smtpdrecipientrestrictions; in fact, in newer versions of Postfix, senderrestrictions won't be acted on sooner than recipientrestrictions.


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