trying to setup GUI access on server

I nbeed to use my server to test out some functions where I need to see a browser.

I followed this guide for Ubuntu: … ll-desktop">

However, when I try remmina on the client to connect, it says cannot connect even though the server has vncserver started.

ANy ideas on what the problem could be?

I wanted to use teamviewer but although the server has teamviewer installed, you cannot see the ID and pin to use without a GUI.

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i'm using xrdp on my server and just connect with windows remote desktop. Works like a charm and pretty easy to setup also.

On Linux you need to make sure that you have a desktop program installed on your server. The server versions of Linux generally don't come with desktops and many of the features that the desktop version includes.

A desktop will take up more memory, but with a minimum of 2GB, it shouldn't be a problem.

Make sure the ports on the firewall are open.

Can you please run "iptables-save" and "netstat -plantu" as root and paste the output here?


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