Sending email to AOL with Outlook custom domain


I've setup a domain to work with Outlook custom domains and sending & receiving email is fine to everyone apart from AOL, contacted them and got this response:

"The reverse DNS (rDNS) for your IP is not a fully qualified, meaningful domain name. Please ask your ISP to change your rDNS (PTR record) to a fully qualified, meaningful domain name, and make sure your domain name is reflected in the rDNS."

I added the MX and TXT records at setup however I'm a little unsure of what else I need to do, been searching their docs to no avail.

Anyone have any suggestions? Much appreciated.



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You can set up your rDNS entries by logging into the Linode Manager, going into your linode, and clicking the Reverse DNS link in the Public IP section.

Thanks for pointing that out samh! Much appreciated. Will take a look and add the client domain to see if that resolves the issue with sending email to AOL.


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