Upgrading from Ubuntu 11.04 to Ubuntu 12 or 14

Hello friends,

I was trying to upgrade our Ubuntu 11.04 instance to 12. I tried to follow the instructions here: https://www.linode.com/docs/security/up … 04-precise">https://www.linode.com/docs/security/upgrading/how-to-upgrade-to-ubuntu-12-04-precise.

However, since it's an old version, I get a lot of errors, e.g.

W: Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists … ce/Sources">http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/oneiric-security/main/source/Sources 404 Not Found [IP: 80]

I understand this happens because Ubuntu 11.10 has been discontinued, or something along those lines. What suggestions can you give me because I can't even run this command to install the upgrades.

sudo apt-get update

Thank you very much!


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