How long to resize disk image?

Any estimates at how time it will take to resize an ext4 disk image? I want to make room for another disk image and want to have a good idea of how much downtime to expect. The Resizing a Disk Image documentation does not indicate how long it may take. I know resizing a Linode takes 2-3 minutes per gigabyte, but I guess resizing a disk image would be faster.

I know it's not always easy to provide estimates due to so many possible variables, but the current size is ~95 GB, and the new size will be about half that. I can provide any other info.

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It's the time it takes to perform an fsck, plus the time it takes for resizefs to move enough data around to free up the space you're trying to lob off.

Resizing a disk smaller is always slower than resizing it larger.


Thanks for the reply. I wanted to report the exact time it took, but unfortunately it already vanished from my Host Job Queue. It was at least 15 mins though, but less than an hour. Not helpful…


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