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Securing Commonly Used Apps


Join us for our latest Linode LIVE series, Securing Commonly Used Web Apps.  We’ve invited HackerSploit back for this two part series covering securing your web pages, databases and server management tools. 

When deploying web applications and services,  security should be evaluated throughout. A solid understanding of the fundamentals of securing these applications and services is crucial in maintaining the integrity and reliability of your services.

This series works as a practical guide for anyone that wants to learn how to effectively secure commonly used and deployed apps like PHPMyAdmin, Docker, Apache2, and databases.

Register today to get the full series sent right to your inbox for on-demand viewing starting Friday, April 2nd.  The series covers the following apps:

  • Securing phpMyAdmin
  • Securing Nginx With ModSecurity
  • Docker Security Essentials
  • Securing Apache2 With ModSecurity 
  • Setting Up FreeIPA
  • Securing WHM
  • Securing MySQL
  • Securing LAMP Stack
  • HashiCorp Vault Fundamentals
  • cPanel Security

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