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Full-stack security and protection suite.

BitNinja is a general purpose security-as-a-service server defense tool powered by a social defense system and many active defense modules. Its main purpose is to protect your server with less effort and maintenance from you. BitNinja does its job silently in the dark and using powerful tools – just like a ninja 

BitNinja fights against hackers, botnets, attackers, and malicious activities. All of the Ninja servers form a huge honey farm to collect and analyze attacks from different botnets and then use this knowledge to form an even harder shield for all the Ninja servers.

Deploy your own BitNinja Secure Server with Linode Marketplace.

Note: BitNinja requires a valid license to use the software beyond the initial 7 day free trial period. To purchase a license, visit BitNinja’s website and select a plan that fits your needs. Licenses are not available directly through Linode.

Deploying the BitNinja Marketplace App

BitNinja Options

License KeyEnter the license key for your BitNinja instance. You can purchase your license at

General Options

For advice on filling out the remaining options on the Create a Linode form, see Getting Started > Create a Linode. That said, some options may be limited or recommended based on this Marketplace App:

  • Supported distributions: CentOS 7, Debian 10, Debian 11, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • Recommended plan: All plan types and sizes can be used.

Getting Started After Deployment

Accessing the BitNinja App

Now that you’ve deployed your BitNinja instance, checkout the official BitNinja documentation to learn how to further utilize your BitNinja instance.

The BitNinja Secure Server App was built for Linode by BitNinja. For support regarding app deployment, contact Linode Support. For BitNinja application support, email the BitNinja team.