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Lightweight WSGI Python framework with utilities and libraries to create web applications.

Develop Python applications more efficiently. Flask is a free, open source DIY web micro-framework that doesn’t require specific tools or libraries. Flask starts application development with the bare minimum backend logic, but leaves all features and configurations up to you. Flask does not come with object relational mapping, but there are libraries and extensions to integrate a project with your preferred database and more.

Start developing web applications on Python even faster with Linode’s Flask One-Click App.

Getting Started After Deployment

Installed Software

In addition to installing Flask, this One-Click app installs and configures software to support running Flask in a production environment. Below is a list of the installed software:

  • The NGINX web server is installed with a basic NGINX configuration, located in /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/flask_app, and listening on your Linode’s IP address.
  • An example Flask application is downloaded to your Linode’s /home/flask_app_project directory. If you visit your Linode’s IP address, you will see the example Flask application running and serving boiler plate blog content.
  • Your example Flask application’s environment will be configured with basic settings located in the /etc/config.json file.
  • Gunicorn, a Python WSGI (web server gateway interface) HTTP Server for UNIX, is installed and running. It is used to forward requests from your NGINX web server to your Flask application.
  • Supervisor, a client/server system that allows its users to monitor and control a number of processes on UNIX-like operating systems, is installed and running on your Linode. Its configuration file can be found in the following location, /etc/supervisor/conf.d/flask_app.conf.
  • The example Flask app’s logs can be found in the following locations, var/log/flask_app/flask_app.out.log and /var/log/flask_app/flask_app.err.log

Next Steps

Now that you are familiar with all the software installed on your Linode with the Flask One-Click app, you can explore the following steps:

The Flask One-Click App was built by Linode. For support regarding app deployment, contact Linode Support via the information listed in the sidebar. For support regarding the tool or software itself, visit Flask Support.