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Website management without the configuration hassle.

ServerWand is a magical control panel for managing websites and servers. Host multiple sites on a single server, manage apps, firewall, databases, backups, system users, cron jobs, SSL and email with an intuitive interface. Apps like WordPress can be installed with a single click. Staging areas can be created so that changes can be tested before being synced back with the live site. 

Git integration is also available for users looking to sync repository changes on push. All interactions are sent using vanilla SSH commands, just as a sysadmin would. And all of this happens without proprietary software installation, so you are always in control.

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Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is currently the only images supported by the ServerWand Marketplace App, and it is pre-selected on the Linode creation page.
RegionThe region where you would like your Linode to reside. In general, it’s best to choose a location that’s closest to you. For more information on choosing a DC, review the How to Choose a Data Center guide. You can also generate MTR reports for a deeper look at the network routes between you and each of our data centers. Required.
Linode PlanYour Linode’s hardware resources. You can use any size Linode for your ServerWand app. The Linode plan that you select should be appropriate for the amount of data transfer, users, storage, and other stress that may affect the performance of server.
Linode LabelThe name for your Linode, which must be unique between all of the Linodes on your account. This name will be how you identify your server in the Cloud Manager’s Dashboard.
Root PasswordThe primary administrative password for your Linode instance. This password must be provided when you log in to your Linode via SSH. The password must meet the complexity strength validation requirements for a strong password. Your root password can be used to perform any action on your server, so make it long, complex, and unique.

When you’ve provided all required Linode Options, click on the Create button. Your ServerWand app will complete installation anywhere between 2-5 minutes after your Linode has finished provisioning.

Getting Started After Deployment

Once your ServerWand is up and running, you can connect it to your ServerWand account and manage it through the ServerWand control panel.

Connect Your Linode to ServerWand

  1. Register or Sign in to the ServerWand Control Panel.
  2. Click the Create button and select Server.

  3. On the Server details page, click Choose and then select Linode.
  4. When prompted for access permissions, click Accept and Continue.

  5. After returning to ServerWand, select your Linode from the Server dropdown menu.
  6. Give your server a name and click Save.
  7. ServerWand will connect to your Linode and install all the necessary software so that it can then be managed in ServerWand.

The ServerWand Marketplace App was built for Linode by ServerWand. For support regarding app deployment, contact Linode Support. For support regarding the tool or software itself, use the information in the sidebar to contact ServerWand.