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Free and open source time series database (TSDB) and monitoring solution.

VictoriaMetrics is a free open source time series database (TSDB) and monitoring solution, designed to collect, store and process real-time metrics.

It supports the Prometheus pull model and various push protocols (Graphite, InfluxDB, OpenTSDB) for data ingestion. It is optimized for storage with high-latency IO, low IOPS and time series with high churn rate.

For reading the data and evaluating alerting rules, VictoriaMetrics supports the PromQL, MetricsQL and Graphite query languages. VictoriaMetrics Single is fully autonomous and can be used as a long-term storage for time series.

VictoriaMetrics Single = Hassle-free monitoring solution. Easily handles 10M+ of active time series on a single instance. Perfect for small and medium environments.

Deploying the VictoriaMetrics Marketplace App

VictoriaMetrics Options

You can configure your VictoriaMetrics App by providing values for the following fields:

HostnameYour VictoriaMetrics Linode’s hostname. Required.

Software installation should complete within 5-10 minutes after the Linode has finished provisioning.

General Options

For advice on filling out the remaining options on the Create a Linode form, see Getting Started > Create a Linode. That said, some options may be limited or recommended based on this Marketplace App:

  • Supported distributions: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • Recommended plan: All plan types and sizes can be used.

Getting Started After Deployment


VictoriaMetrics configuration is located at /etc/victoriametrics/single/scrape.yml at the server. This One Click app uses 8428, 2003, 4242 and 8089 ports to accept metrics from different protocols. It’s recommended to disable ports for protocols which are not needed. Ubuntu firewall can be used to easily disable access for specific ports.

Scraping metrics

VictoriaMetrics supports metrics scraping in the same way as Prometheus does. Check the configuration file to edit scraping targets. See more details about scraping at How to scrape Prometheus exporters.

Sending metrics

Besides scraping, VictoriaMetrics accepts write requests for various ingestion protocols. This One Click app supports the following protocols:

See more details and examples in official documentation.


VictoriaMetrics provides a User Interface (UI) for query troubleshooting and exploration. The UI is available at http://your_server_public_ipv4:8428/vmui, replace your_server_public_ipv4 with your Instance’s IP address. It lets users explore query results via graphs and tables.

To check it, open the following in your browser http://your_server_public_ipv4:8428/vmui and then enter vm_app_uptime_seconds to the Query Field to Execute the Query.

Run the following command to query and retrieve a result from VictoriaMetrics Single with curl:

curl -sg http://your_server_public_ipv4:8428/api/v1/query_range?query=vm_app_uptime_seconds | jq


Once the Linode server is created, you can use web console to start a session or SSH directly to the server as root:

ssh root@your_server_public_ipv4

Next Steps

The VictoriaMetrics Marketplace app was built for Linode by VictoriaMetrics. For support regarding app deployment, contact Linode Support. For support regarding the tool or software itself, contact VictoriaMetrics via Twitter, their community Slack, or their community Telegram.