Linode Mobile

Linode Manager. To go.

Administer your Linodes from anywhere.

Now you can access, administer, and keep up with your Linode account from anywhere in the world. The responsive design of the new Cloud Manager puts control of your Linodes, NodeBalancers, and domains in your pocket.

Use the Cloud Manager on your mobile device to:

  • Create, remove, boot, and reboot Linodes
  • Access Linodes via SSH and Lish
  • Resize Linodes on the fly
  • Keep tabs on your Linodes’ performance with CPU, network, and IO utilization graphs
  • Create and manage NodeBalancers and domain zones
  • Access Linode guides and tutorials
  • Manage your Linode account and make payments

Get started now at!

Users of the deprecated Linode Manager iOS and Android apps should begin using the Cloud Manager for mobile management of their Linode resources, for the best possible experience.