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Monitor system-level metrics

Easily analyze performance graphs for system metrics and keep track of your transfer and storage usage right from your manager. Setup custom threshold alerts to let you when you’re close to reaching a limit.


Real-Time Graphs for Optimized Performance

See how your Linodes are performing now, and historically over time. Know when to scale up or down for better application performance based on real-time data and analysis.


Set Custom Threshold Notifications

Create custom usage thresholds so you get alerted when you’re close to exceeding resources. Set alerts for each Linode on your account and easily scale up or down for additional resources.​​​​​​​

Automatic Reboots with Shutdown Watchdog

When enabled Shutdown Watchdog automatically reboots your Linode if it powers off unexpectedly. Lassie can help get your Linode back online fast if it’s accidentally powered off


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