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DevOps create a continuous software development and delivery pipeline from development to review, testing, staging, and production environments.

Prompt Engineering in Web Development | Using LangChain and Templates with OpenAI

Continuing our series on building web applications that incorporate AI tooling, Austin dives into the concept of prompt engineering.
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Build an Online Multiplayer Game in Python | Episode 1-3 Implementing the Server

In this new series, @TechWithTim explains how to build an online multiplayer math game using Python, sockets, and Pygame module.
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Easypanel Deployment and Demo | A Modern Server Control Panel Powered by Docker

In this video, ​@KeepItTechie explores Easypanel, a management panel powered by Docker which helps deploy apps, databases, and SSL Certs!
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Build a Blogging Machine That Generates Its own Content Using AI | Code With Harry Tutorial

In this video, @CodeWithHarry explains how to create a blog with OpenAI and ChatGPT that generates content based on the topic of your choice.
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OnlyOffice, the Private Office Suite for Business Event Image

Create Your Own Office App Suite with OnlyOffice | Setup, Features, and Deployment Tutorial

In this video, @TechHut covers OnlyOffice, an online software suite that handles documentation management and runs on your own server!
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Understanding GitOps eBook thumbnail image.

Understanding GitOps

GitOps is an operational framework that uses Git as the single source of truth to enable iterative development for cloud-native applications.
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Learning about AI with Austin Gil episode 4, Exploring Neural Networks, LLMs, and GPTs.

Exploring Neural Networks, LLMs, and GPTs | Web Development with Generative AI Ep4

In this episode, Austin takes a break from coding to offer a better understanding of how AI tools like Neural Networks, LLMs, and GPTs work.
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Portability in the Cloud: Standardization & Benefits of a Portable Cloud Architecture
Billy Thompson

Portability in the Cloud: Standardization & Benefits of a Portable Cloud Architecture

Aug 24, 2023
by Billy Thompson
When designing for portability and standardization, identify lock-in points where a cloud vendor could prevent you from moving workloads.
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How to Display ChatGPT Output in Your App video thumbnail

How to Display ChatGPT Output in Your App | Web Development with Open AI Ep 3

In this episode, @heyAustinGil dives into understanding web streams before implementing streaming responses from the OpenAI API.
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Building a Working AI App with Austin Gil video 2

How to Incorporate ChatGPT into Your App with Qwik.js | Developing Smarter Apps With Generative AI

In this video, Austin continues his versus app build and uses Qwik.js with JavaScripts FetchAPI and OpenAI's ChatGPT.
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BudiBase Deployment video thumbnail

Budibase Turns Data Into Action Build Internal Tools that Access Data and Automate Workflows

Kevin Cunningham showcases @Budibase an open-source platform perfect for businesses to build internal tools, web apps, and more.
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OpenAI Project Setup with Austin Gil, video 1

Building an AI Powered Web App with QwikJSGenerative AI Web Development

In this series, Austin Gil explains how to incorporate AI into your apps. In Episode 1, Austin configures his project for use with QwikJS.
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