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DevOps create a continuous software development and delivery pipeline from development to review, testing, staging, and production environments.

Portability in the Cloud: Microservices Architecture
Billy Thompson

Portability in the Cloud: Microservices Architecture

Jun 12, 2023
by Billy Thompson
Microservices should be scalable and focused on a single responsibility. Discover why you should consider them and some best practices.
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Portability in the Cloud: Best Practices for Building SaaS-Based Applications cover

Best Practices for Building SaaS-Based Applications

Learn about microservices, containers, serverless computing, and event-driven architecture, along with their benefits and best practices.
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Harry from the YouTube Channel CodeWithHarry holding a clipboard with the text Google Form From Scratch.

Google Forms Replacement From Scratch | Create and Deploy From Scratch

@CodeWithHarry explains how to create a Google Form clone using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in MySQL. Follow along to create and deploy your own Google Forms replacement App.
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Featured image for the Terraforming Kubernetes: From Code to Deployed Serverless webinar which features Justin Mitchel, whose picture is also displayed on the image next to a sign up button.

Learn how to Terraform Kubernetes

Now available: Four-part training series on moving from code to deployed serverless.
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Create an image manipulation website using Flask featuring Code with Harry.

Create an Image Manipulation Website Using Flask and Python | Code With Harry Tutorial

In this video, ​Harry shows how to create an Image Editing software using Flask, a web framework for developing web applications in Python.
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IaC Essentials: Using Terraform and Ansible Blog Header
Maddie Presland

IaC Essentials: Using Terraform and Ansible

May 24, 2023
by Maddie Presland
Learn the key similarities and differences between the two Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools, and why using both is best for managing infrastructure at a large scale.
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Forgejo, a simple solution for Agile Development with Josh from KeepItTechie header image.

Forgejo A Simple Solution for Agile Development | Self-hosted Alternative to GitHub

In this video, @KeepItTechie shows how to install Foregejo, a self-hosted software forge which can help you manage your various projects.
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How to own your website analytics with Plausible and Brandon Hopkins header image.

Own Your Website Analytics with Plausible | The Privacy-Friendly Google Analytics Alternative

In this video, ​@TechHut covers Plausible, a privacy-friendly self-hosted alternative to Google Analytics to help manage your website.
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Host your own Open Source Fitness Tracker with WGER as shown by Brandon Hopkins featured image.

WGER Workout Manager | Host Your Own Free Open-Source Fitness Tracking App

In this video, @TechHut goes over the Open Source Fitness Tracking App wger - a community driven fitness app you can host yourself.
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Build your own AI ChatBot with OpenAPI and Linode and Code with Harry featured image.

Build Your Own AI Chatbot with OpenAI API and Linode | A Step-by-Step Guide From Code With Harry

In this video, @CodeWithHarry will show you how to create an AI-enabled Chat app from scratch using the OpenAI API.
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Jay LaCroix teaches you everything you need to know in order to get started with NPM.

Everything You Need to Know to Get Started With npm | Node Package Manager Explained

In this video, Jay from @LearnLinuxTV shows you how to use the npm JavaScript package manager, including how to install and update packages.
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Gardiner Bryant explains how DevOps Engineers use CI/CD to build better software faster.

How DevOps Engineers Use CI/CD to Build Better Software Faster

In this video, Gardiner explains CI/CDs. A powerful practice employed by DevOps teams to automate and accelerate app development.
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