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DevOps create a continuous software development and delivery pipeline from development to review, testing, staging, and production environments.

Platform Engineering Is The Next Logical Step From DevOps | Pavel Despot, Akamai

Swapnil sits down with Pavel Despot, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Akamai, to share his insights on where the market is headed.
Developer Tools
Jay LaCroix talks about the fundamentals of SVN.

Fundamentals of svn Top Docs with Jay LaCroix

In this video, @LearnLinuxTV goes over the basics of svn including basic commands and options for your toolset.
Developer Tools
Create a News App featuring Harry holding a sign with the logos of Boostrap, NewsApi, and NGINX.

Build a Fully Featured News App Using NewsAPI and Bootstrap

In this video, @CodeWithHarry demonstrates how you can build a Business News website with News API and Bootstrap UI.
Developer Tools

Deploying a Django App to a Linux Server | Django App from Scratch Part 6

In this video, @CodeWithTomi will show you how to deploy the app we've been working on to a Linode server.
Developer Tools

Easily Create Your Own Scalable Dropbox Clone With Object Storage

In this video, Code with Harry explains how to create your own scalable Dropbox clone using Linode's affordable Object Storage.
Developer Tools

Quickly Authenticate Users with FastAPI and Token Authentication

In this series on API Authentication, Tim explains how to build an authenticated API using Python and FastAPI.
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Finishing a Django Dictionary App | Getting Ready to Deploy Pt 5-6

In this video, Tomi will finish the simple dictionary app that he has been working on and show how to get the app ready for deployment.
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StackShare Top Developer Tools
Maddie Presland

Top StackShare Developer Tools on Marketplace

Feb 6, 2023
by Maddie Presland
StackShare just released its Annual StackShare Awards, naming the best developer tools, many of which you can deploy now on the Linode Marketplace.
Developer Tools
User Authentication in Django featuring Tomi

Databases and User Authentication In Django

In this video on Databases and User Authentication, Tomi will cover managing user authentication and how to create users.
Developer Tools
Open Source Feedback Portal with David Burgess from DB Tech

Build Better Products with Better Feedback Using Fider | Linode

Fider helps developers and small businesses get feedback from their users through a self hosted portal that helps to build better products.
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Picture of thumbnail featuring Tomi and the text Django Models

Working with Django Models | Building a Django App Part 3

In this video on Models, @CodeWithTomi will cover Using the Admin interface and registering models in
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Django URL and Static Files featuring Tomi

Django App Part 2 – URLs, Templates, and Static Files

In this video, @CodeWithTomi will cover how to Run a Python server, create URLs, views, and static files in our Django app.
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