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DevOps create a continuous software development and delivery pipeline from development to review, testing, staging, and production environments.

Finishing a Django Dictionary App | Getting Ready to Deploy Pt 5-6

In this video, Tomi will finish the simple dictionary app that he has been working on and show how to get the app ready for deployment.
Developer Tools
StackShare Top Developer Tools
Maddie Presland

Top StackShare Developer Tools on Marketplace

Feb 6, 2023
by Maddie Presland
StackShare just released its Annual StackShare Awards, naming the best developer tools, many of which you can deploy now on the Linode Marketplace.
Developer Tools
User Authentication in Django featuring Tomi

Databases and User Authentication In Django

In this video on Databases and User Authentication, Tomi will cover managing user authentication and how to create users.
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Open Source Feedback Portal with David Burgess from DB Tech

Build Better Products with Better Feedback Using Fider | Linode

Fider helps developers and small businesses get feedback from their users through a self hosted portal that helps to build better products.
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Picture of thumbnail featuring Tomi and the text Django Models

Working with Django Models | Building a Django App Part 3

In this video on Models, @CodeWithTomi will cover Using the Admin interface and registering models in
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Django URL and Static Files featuring Tomi

Django App Part 2 – URLs, Templates, and Static Files

In this video, @CodeWithTomi will cover how to Run a Python server, create URLs, views, and static files in our Django app.
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Custom Dashboards and Tools featuring DBTech

Build Internal Tools with Appsmith | Beautiful Low-Code UI Creation

Appsmith is a low-code solution to building UIs for things like customer support portals, sales dashboards, marketing trackers, and more.
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Django Install and Intro with Tomi

Building and Deploying a Django App | Part 1 – Setting Up Your Environment

In this video, we will cover the first step of the process: setting up your development environment by installing Django.
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How to Deploy Remix and Prisma Apps to a VPS using Linode

In this video of the NPM Database series, we'll cover all you need to know to get your Remix and Prisma app up and running in production.
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Mastodon blog image

Easily Deploy a Mastodon Server

Open source social media platform now on the Linode Marketplace.
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Mastodon blog image
Hillary Wilmoth

Easily Deploy a Mastodon Server with Marketplace

Dec 13, 2022
by Hillary Wilmoth
Open source social media platform Mastodon is now available on the Linode Marketplace.
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Adding offset pagination to our Remix project with Prisma and SQL

In this video, we'll learn how to add pages to search results in our pet database using Pagination with SQL and Prisma.
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