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DevOps create a continuous software development and delivery pipeline from development to review, testing, staging, and production environments.

Image features Harry from the YouTube Channel - Code with Harry - next to the text Blog with Tailwind.

Build a Blog on Linode Using Tailwind CSS | Bootstrap Alternative

In this video, @CodeWithHarry will show you how to program and deploy a blog using Tailwind CSS, an alternative to bootstrap.
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Image shows David Burgess from the YouTube channel DBTech along with the text Invoice Ninja.

Streamline Small Business Invoicing Using Invoice Ninja | The All-in-One Invoicing Tool

​@DBTechYT shows how to set up @appinvoiceninja, an open source invoicing solution, hosted in a Docker container on a Linode.
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Code with Harry and the text Text Analyzer in varying arrangements

Programming a Text Formatting App | Web Development Tutorial from Code With Harry

​In this video, @CodeWithHarry will show you how to program and deploy a text analyzer app that can format text in many different variations.
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An Introduction to Serverless Functions and FaaS
Justin Cobbett

Break Down Your Code: An Introduction to Serverless Functions and FaaS

Apr 19, 2023
by Justin Cobbett
Functions enable serverless computing by adding wrappers to repetitive code changes and abstraction from other application infrastructure.
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Image features Harry from Code with Harry and the text build a dictionary app, along with the HTML5, CSS, and Javascript logos.

Code With Harry Builds a Dictionary App Using React and Apache | Ubuntu Server App Deployment

@CodeWithHarry teaches how to code a Dictionary app using React as a frontend along with a public dictionary API.
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Image features Tim from Tech With Tim and the text Facial Recognition App

Build an App That Can Recognize Your Face | Tech With Tim OpenCV Python App

​@TechWithTim covers how to build facial detection and recognition program in Python using a module known as open cv and face recognition.
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Jay LaCroix and GitLab Server Setup

Install and Configure GitLab From Scratch on a Linode Server Easy and Comprehensive Tutorial

In this video, Jay shows how to deploy GitLab from scratch on a Linode server, including installation and configuration.
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Code with Harry in front of a microphone with the text Build a Weather App.

Learn How to Build a Scalable Weather App Using Weather API Integration | Code with Harry

In this video, @CodeWithHarry shows how to create a Global Weather App using HMTL, CSS, JavaScript, and a free Weather API integration.
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Tim from Tech with Tim and the text JWT Tokens featured as different coins.

Understanding JSON Web Tokens | JWT Explanation from Tech with Tim

In this video, Tim from @TechWithTim explains everything you need to know to get started with JSON Web Tokens (JWT Tokens).
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Websites made easy featuring Grav CMS and Brandon Hopkins.

Websites made EASY with Grav | Flexible, Open Source, Flat-File CMS

In this video, @TechHut covers the easiest and most efficient way to spin up your own website using Grav, a modern open source flat-file CMS.
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Visualize Your Work with DB Tech!

Get Organized with Kanboard | A Self-Hosted Organization App

In this video, @DBTechYT installs & configures the project management app - Kanboard using a Docker container on Linode.
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Code with Tomi shows how to deploy your own API.

Build And Deploy A Full Django API on Linode with Code With Tomi

In this video, @CodeWithTomi shows how to build and deploy an API on Linode using the Django Rest Framework and a Linux Server.
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