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Linode simplifies your cloud infrastructure with Linux virtual machines and tools to develop, deploy, and scale modern applications faster and easier.

Enhanced Images Features Now in Beta

May 6, 2021 by Hillary Wilmoth
We're introducing new features to our Images service, including the ability to upload Images via Linode Cloud Manager, API, and CLI.

Linode Getting Started Guide

This video will guide you through the Linode Cloud Manager, which provides a user-friendly interface to manage your infrastructure, user accounts, billing and payments, and to open and track support tickets. You can easily create Linode instances, managed Kubernetes clusters, add backups to your Linodes, deploy Marketplace Apps, create Object Storage buckets, and more.
Linode Honored with Faces of Philanthropy Award

Linode Honored with Faces of Philanthropy Award

Apr 21, 2021 by Rick Myers
The Philadelphia Business Journal’s Faces of Philanthropy awards recently recognized our partnership with Hopeworks.
Downtown Philadelphia

Linode Ranked #14 on List of Philadelphia Tech Employers

Apr 20, 2021
The Philadelphia Business Journal ranked Linode as the 14th largest technology employer by number of employees in the Philadelphia region. Want to work with us? Check out the open positions on our career page.

Linode Atlanta Data Center Upgrades Completed

Apr 15, 2021 by Hillary Wilmoth
Read about the new Atlanta data center's uptime and compliance information and try Cloud Firewall in beta.
Linode Social Change Grant Program

Social Change Grant Program

Linode is committed to standing for social justice and equality. This page contains information about what we’re doing, where to learn more, and what you can do to help.

Valheim Dedicated Server

Valheim is an open-world Viking-themed survival and sandbox game developed by Iron Gate Studio. In this video, we'll show you how to run your own dedicated Valheim server to build your own world and share with your friends.

Host a Valheim Dedicated Server with Linode Marketplace

Mar 11, 2021 by Maddie Presland
Easily spin up a dedicated Valheim server to build your own realm and share with just your friends with Linode Marketplace.

Linode Honored with People’s Choice Stevie® Award

Mar 10, 2021 by Rick Myers
Linode is honored to have received the People’s Choice Stevie® Award for Favorite Customer Service in the computer services category.

Linode Honored with 2021 People’s Choice Stevie® Award for Favorite Customer Service

Mar 10, 2021
Linode voted favorite provider of customer service in computer services in 2021 People’s Choice Stevie® Awards for Favorite Customer Service.

Easy Minecraft Custom Server Setup 2021

Customize your gaming experience by hosting Minecraft on Linode. You decide the rules when hosting your own Minecraft server. Enjoy playing with your friends in this highly addictive game.
2021 Stevie® Awards

Linode Wins 5 Stevie® Awards

Feb 1, 2021 by Rick Myers
The Linode Support team has been honored by the Stevie® Awards, receiving four Silver Awards and one Bronze Award.