Can I choose which Linodes have Managed Services?

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Can I have Managed on some of my Linodes, but not others? If so, what's the best way to set it up?

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Linode Managed applies to the entire account, so all Linodes under your account will have Managed, and you'll be charged $100 per Linode. However, you can create a new, separate account, and move one or more Linodes over to it. That way, you can have one Managed account and one non-Managed account.

To create a new account, go through the signup process once more. You'll need to use a unique username, but the email address can be the same. You'll also need to add a deposit of $5 or more to complete the signup, but it'll be applied towards your next invoice on that account.

Once you have a new account, you'll need to contact the Linode Support Team so that we can move your Linode over. You'll need to create two tickets, one under each account, that mentions the Linode(s) to move over. That way we can make sure the right Linode gets to the right place.

After your Linodes are in their separate accounts, you can go to the Account tab of one of the two accounts to activate Linode Managed.


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