Unable to create an image of my disk from the Cloud Manager interface

Linode Staff

I'm trying to create an image of my server's disk but the job keeps failing. Could someone provide some insight regarding this issue please?

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This is likely related to the image size of your disk being greater than 2GB in size. There is a 2GB limit regarding the size of the image that's able to be created when using our option to capture a disk image.


At this time, you would need to consider the following options in order to create an image of your server's disk:

Reduce the size of your disk to get under this 2GB limit. This involves removing files that aren't needed as part of the default image that you are looking to create.

Subscribe to our Backup Service and take a manual snapshot image of your server.


Create an image of your server's disk by copying it to your location.


Create an image of your server's disk by copying it to a block storage volume


Hello there!

I wanted to make note of the fact that since the above reply was given, that the limit per image is actually 6GB now, increased from the previous 2GB limit.

The rest of the information in that post is still quite good.

I do apologize in advance!

How come you can not put a simple error message so that we don't need to create a support ticket and wait hours for something this stupid.

Hey @leventapcinternet -

The feedback is appreciated and I've passed this along for you internally.


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