DDoS Protection offered by Linode

As advised in this thread click me it says DDoS mitigation isn't offered but I've seen DDoS protection pages by Linode so, is this now an offered service?

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AFAIK, Linode only protects it's own infrastructure, not individual Linodes. You have to do that yourself. You shouldn't assume that anything Linode does as a business entity extends to your own Linode.

-- sw

@Miller thanks for pointing that post out! I went ahead and updated it to include that we now offer free, advanced DDoS protection to our customers (here's our blog post announcement).

In the past, we were focused solely on mitigating infrastructure-affecting attacks, but this new service extends protection to a broad range of attacks that would result in denial of services at the customer level.

How do I turn this on for my Linode…or is it turned on automatically?

-- sw

@stevewi - DDoS Protection is automatically enabled, so you won't need to do anything on your side.


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