How do I make an nginx ingress controller available in my Linode k8s cluster?

I want to configure a simple nginx ingress resource in my k8s cluster. I know that I need to install/enable an ingress controller first, but I can find no documentation on how to do this in a Linode context.

Any advice welcome!

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Hey there,

I'm happy to help. NGiNX has an excellent guide that I found that should help set up the ingress controller.

NGINX Ingress Controller for Kubernetes

They also have a GitHub page where you can post your problems or read about issues others had and how they fixed it.

GitHub - nginxinc/kubernetes-ingres

Lastly, I found NGiNX has a webinar showing how to get started with an ingress controller, but it looks like you will need to fill out their form to access it. I added the link in case you're interested.

NGINX Kubernetes Ingress Controller: Getting Started – EMEA

I hope this is enough information to help you get started. Please feel free to post any questions you have, and the Linode Community will do our best to help.

Aaron S.
Linode Support Team


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