How do I Type "Ctrl + Alt + Delete" Via Glish?

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I'm trying to access the Windows OS Installed on my Linode, but I can't input Ctrl + Alt + Delete as prompted. Is there an alternative was to access my Linode via Glish?

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Inputting Ctrl + Alt + Delete is necessary to access the login information of a Windows OS — but that combination of keys does not work when interfacing with a Windows OS installed on a Linode through the Glish terminal. Here are some alternative solutions we've seen work for others:

Accessing Windows-Configured Linode via Windows OS:

Since Ctrl + Alt + Delete would be registered by the local machine and not the browser window, we recommend using the Remote Desktop Protocol instead of the GLISH.

Accessing Windows-Configured Linode through GLISH via OS X:

After Opening GLISH, type control + fn + option + delete, which will replicate a Ctrl + Alt + Delete and allow you to login.

RDP doesn't connect because I have to ON the allow other to connect setting in windows in glish before connecting with RDP…
this question is asked twice already and the answer given isn't even tested before I guess… though I think it might depend on windows template used but I don't know… it doesn't work for me…
connection error when trying to connect with RDP.


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