How do you handle encrypted volumes?

Am looking at potentially deploying many Linodes instead of using (insert gorilla competitor here). (Gorilla competitor) has underlying managed disk encryption with customer-managed keys which means I do not have to set passcodes/passwords on every encrypted volume - it just uses keys from the KMS.

How do you all handle headless, non-interactive reboots of encrypted Linodes? Tang and Clevis? LuksOpen via custom systemctl service? Some sort of remote KMS? Am looking into the possibilities and I admit it's making my head spin, so I wanted to get the "official" Linode stance on this.

Any input?


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Hey there -

You can absolutely encrypt the filesystem on your Linodes. I want to point you in the direction of an additional post here in the Community that addresses this and gives you some resources, which should answer your questions:

How do I Encrypt my Linode?

Keep in mind that there are some services that won't work on an encrypted Linode, and those are outlined in that post as well.


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