How do I enter the passphrase used in an encrypted Ubuntu 20.04 server installation?

Back then, I was able to configure things smoothly with 18.04. But now I've been trying to follow this guide but keep on getting stuck at booting it after installation.

I was able to install Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with LUKS encryption properly. Upon booting, I can't type the passphrase using Lish and Glish. Using Lish it only says booting the disk. On Glish it is stuck at Ubuntu loading screen.

According to the guide, I should be able to use Glish to enter my passphrase, then modify GRUB configuration so I can enter the passphrase using Lish on succeeding boots.

Any ideas? Please help because I need to set this up as fast as possible. Thank you

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This problem has been solved. There might be a bug in Glish where it doesn't show me the GRUB menu. I have to retry a lot to select Ubuntu and enter the passphrase.


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