Is Linode planning to support a cert-manager webhook for DNS01 challenge?

For acquiring a TLS certificate via a DNS01 challenge, cert-manager requires DNS providers to maintain their own cert-manager webhook implementation. Is Linode planning to support this? Someone has already done this, but I don't know them and the project appears stale so I'm hesitant to use it.

I imagine Linode staff have their hands full with plenty of things, but cert-manager seems like a standard tool for managing TLS certificates in Kubernetes and it would be awesome if Linode fully supported it. With LKE and Linode DNS Manager I've been able to keep all of our infrastructure in Linode and I'd love to keep it that way: it's been a smooth experience and having everything in once place is great for my over-taxed brain.

Now I'll also admit I'm no expert, and if there's another way to do things I'd very much welcome advice. It seems like acquiring a wildcard domain is the simplest way to cover all of our services, and is why I'm looking at the DNS01 challenge. Maybe with the automation cert-manager provides, getting a separate certificate for each service using the HTTP01 challenge is not bad? It feels like a compromise that introduces complexity for no upside (well, it's possible with Linode DNS while the DNS01 challenge is not and that is a big upside), so it feels like I should avoid it if possible.

I do see a recent related post "How do i use DNS01 solver using Linode DNS on cert-manager?", which asks for that same thing.

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@gingerid_pncc I asked around a bit and it sounds like this is something that we may look in to at some point, but nothing concrete is planned as of now. I've shared this Community post with the people who work on LKE and we've also captured your request within an internal tracker for feedback and feature requests.


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