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Recently, I saw that you will be making changes to your Images, which includes transitioning from a free service to a paid service. What should I know about this?

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Why is Linode making this change?

Thanks to customer feedback, we’ve put a lot of work into enhancing our Image service. Exciting new features include the ability to add custom images, faster Linode deployment from images, and an expanded amount of storage you can utilize for this service - prior to this there was a storage limitation. With the ability to store larger images, we considered the impact this would have on our infrastructure and decided to transition this product to a paid service.

The chief purpose of this product is to allow users to store preconfigured disk images with the exact software and settings needed for their workload that can be quickly deployed to a Linode. They’re not intended for indefinite storage or to replace the need for backups, and can be easily deleted once you’ve finished with them.

More information on these new features can be found on our blog: Enhanced Images Features Now in Beta

There are Images on my account, though no other active services - do these changes apply to me?

Yes – even if you have no other active services, you will still begin accruing charges on September 1st if there are images saved on your account.

How do I save a local copy of my image?

You’ll first need to deploy an image to a new Linode and then copy your Linode’s disk over SSH. This creates a local copy of your image.

What if I want to use the image at a later date?

Once you have a local copy of your image, you can upload this image back into your Cloud Manager whenever you’re ready to use it again.

What will happen if I don’t do anything with my Images?

Beginning on September 1st, you’ll begin accruing charges at a rate of $0.10/GB per month for each Custom Image stored on an account. On October 1st you’ll receive an invoice and your credit card on file will be automatically charged.

What will happen if the current card on my account is already expired?

If your card on file has expired, you’ll receive several past-due notices before your images are deleted in November through our automated billing process.

Can you delete the image for me?

We’re not able to remove services on your behalf. The only time Linode will remove services from an account is when an invoice goes unpaid and past-due notices are unacknowledged - at that point our automatic billing process clears your account of all billable services.

You can remove an Image at anytime following those linked instructions.

If you haven’t logged into your account for a while, you may need to reset your password. Should you need to remember your username, then you can enter your email address in our forgot username form, and we’ll email any usernames that use that email address.

Can you close the account for me?

Just like with services, we don’t close accounts on a customer’s behalf. We have instructions on closing your account to make it straightforward for you.

I tried the reset links, but I didn’t get an email!

We’ve seen this issue before, and we’ve created a Community Site post with some instructions for how to locate this email: I'm not receiving any OTP / username / password reset emails!

I have 2FA enabled and I’ve lost my scratch code. Now I can't log in.

Full instructions for recovering 2FA accounts can be found on this Community Site post:
I have 2FA enabled and I’ve lost my scratch code. Now I can't log in.

I closed my account months ago. Please do not contact me again.

If you received an email from us, then it is likely you only removed your Linodes and did not close your account. To fully cancel, you can follow the instructions in our guide How to Cancel Your Account; otherwise you will receive several emails related to billing on your account, or may receive further notifications in the future.

What if I need more help?

You can always reach out to us through the following channels:


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