MySQL Database access from LKS

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I was wondering how I can allow access to managed databases from within LKS? Our nodepools have autoscaling, thus their IPs are probably dynamic? I am not sure about this and I couldn't find much in the docs.

Is there a "safe" way to add an IPRange which includes all my nodepool's machines?

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You could have your Linodes communicate via the public address, however, it's strongly recommended that you communicate with your private IP address, as any communications over public networking will be considered use of your Network Transfer Pool.

If you exceed your Network Transfer Pool, additional charges will start at $0.005/GB (or $5/TB) depending on the service’s region. Additional transfer usage is charged at the end of the billing period. More information about your Network Transfer Usage can be found below:

If you'd like to give your cluster access to your Managed Database, you can follow our Community post below that goes over how you can communicate using your private network:


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